Transitioning Then and Now

By Patricia Cody, CTFD dancer-client, Attorney, Former Gypsy

Chita Rivera & Patricia Cody
Chita Rivera & Patricia Cody at the 26th Anniversary Jubilee on October 31, 2011
It has been almost two decades since I first walked in the door of Career Transition For Dancers.  Career-wise, those two decades have seen me through three years at New York Law School, graduating first in my class, landing my first attorney job at Sullivan & Cromwell, paying back my law school loans, and years of law firm practice predominantly as an employment and labor litigator.  One year a go, a big transition in my legal career occurred  when I became General Counsel for TheraCare of New York, Inc., an education and health services provider company to special needs children in the tri-state area.
If anyone had told me during my years as a dancer and performer that this would be the career path I would eventually take, I would have been the first one to insist that they were mistaken.  From the age of four, my life essentially revolved around dance – dance classes, recitals, dreams of performing in musical comedy theater, and of course, on Broadway.
Patricia Cody
Patricia Cody sharing her transition story on stage at the 26th Anniversary Jubilee

So, one might ask what happened to change all this?  My answer would be two fold.  First, I achieved the performing goals I set for myself and had reached a time in my life when I was ready to chart a new career path.  Second, and most importantly, I learned about CTFD, enrolled in the free one-one career counseling program, and gained invaluable assistance from my excellent career counselor, Elizabeth Campbell.

Going through the CTFD program taught me that anything is possible, no matter how daunting a career transition may seem at first.  As long as you approach the process one step at a time, are passionate about your choices, and never ever lose your sense of humor ——- well, even a dancer can become a lawyer . . .  and a litigator–general counsel.


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