A Love Letter

It has been a little over a year since I joined Career Transition For Dancers.  Before coming on board, I had not heard of the company but I was one of those free-spirited, bouncing, gypsy freelance dancers; moving from gig to gig.  That experience taught me about the power of partnerships and friends.  It was my friends and partners that kept me employed and I, them.

In the role of Director of Development, I have brought a bit of those lessons with me.  Of course, friends of Career Transition For Dancers are the ones that ensure we reach the people who need us most and that we continue to provide the services needed by the dance community.  Yet it is also our friends that push the boundaries of dance, provide inspiration to our community, keep dancers employed as long as possible and provide services we could not; resulting in this diverse, robust, beautiful community.  One of these partner-friends is Complexions Contemporary BalletWinter Heat Latin Dance Party

Every year this company teams up with us to produce an event called Winter Heat.  Our joint staff members give extra hours to build an infrastructure to house their dancers, our joint guests and patrons and a 21-piece big band.  The night is magical like an eve under the maypole and this year it will take place on March 5, 2012 at the Edison Ballroom.

We have so many wonderful friends, from our Board of Directors, our union friends at SAG, AFTRA, AGMA and AGVA to service providers like The Actors’ Fund to dancer-clients and volunteers like Warren Adams at Home4Dance and new donor, Laurie Diamond.  We could not provide dancers with innovative education, employment, career development and advancement resources and opportunities before, during and after their performance lives, without end, without you!  Therefore please accept this as our love letter to you, our friends.

AJhai Nicole Adams,
Director of Development & Communications

For Winter Heat Tickets: please contact Development Associate, Rina Desai at 212 764 0172


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