Offering Real Life Solutions

Greg Reuter recently filled out our online survey and was randomly selected as our winner. Greg won two tickets to our Gala Performance and Supper with the Stars Jump for Joy! A Dance Variety Spectacular on Monday, November 5, 2012 presented by Rolex; worth $1,500. Watch your inbox for another survey about our Programs and Services for your chance to win!

Greg Reuter, dancer-client and Caroline H. Newhouse recipient

Greg Reuter
I am extremely honored to be selected to attend this year’s Gala Performance honoring the legendary Liza Minnelli (whom I had the honor to sing with at Madison Square Garden in the mid 90’s).  My association with Career Transition for Dancers has been relatively recent, but has been very beneficial.  I applied for and received the Caroline H. Newhouse grant this past winter from this wonderful organization that has enabled me to take my new passion (writing) to the next level.

I used my grant to purchase a new computer system from Apple Inc. and installed the latest software that makes all industry writing submissions relevant.  At the time, I was mid-stream in writing and developing a new television series when my laptop died (a sad and shocking day).  Luckily I had everything backed up, but I mentioned to Lauren Gordon in a counseling session what had happened. She steered me towards their grant program, and it turned out to be fantastic.  After following the steps needed, I found myself with a gorgeous state of the art equipment suite and my creative juices were able to flow again!

I am currently in the development phase of an exciting new TV series with my writing partner Mark Teich, and the dynamic creative artist, John Tartaglia.  We are creating what we hope will be the next generation of visual entertainment involving humans and puppets in a fully realized world.  We have six camera-ready puppets built and six shorts written (thanks to my new ability to streamline my writing submissions).  I can’t speak highly enough about CTFD and how they are offering real life solutions to dancers wanting to take that next step.


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