Effortlessly Experience 2013

Jim Arnoff, Career Coach & CTFD Consultant
Interviewed by Dana Lutt, CTFD Communications Coordinator

Q. Tell us about your entertainment background.
A. I graduated from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC) in August, 2005, and earned my degree as a Certified Life Coach in November, 2005.  I specialize in coaching the entertainment industry including producers, directors, writers and performers. I combine my coaching skills with my experience as a television packaging agent.

Jim Arnoff, Career Coach
Jim Arnoff, Career Coach

Within the industry, I have led career coaching workshops since 2004 for the Producers Guild of America the Writers Guild of America, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York Women in Film and Television, New York City Coalition of Professional Women in Arts & Media, Women in Children’s Media, New York Women in Communications and American Women in Radio and Television and now Career Transition For Dancers.

Q. How did you connect with Career Transition For Dancers?
A. I’ve known about the organization and Career Counselor Lauren Gordon for years. The word “transition” is a great fit for a life coach. I was looking to branch out into coaching within the performing arts; dance was a new field for me but still within the entertainment industry. In 2012 I moderated two, three-part small group sessions along with CTFD Career Counselor Lauren Gordon. They were a success and we plan to have more workshops in 2013.

Q. For people who would like to prepare in advance for the first session of “Rev Up your Career in 2013” – moderated by Jim Arnoff and Lauren Gordon, what do you recommend as far as materials, websites, books, etc.?
A. Have fun in your preparation and spend some time envisioning what you would like to experience in 2013. Create a look-book, write down inspirational quotes, save inspiring pictures – use whichever tools help you to capture what you would like to effortlessly experience in 2013.

Q. Once someone has participated in your three part workshop “Creating an Action plan”; what would be an ongoing benefit of attending the monthly alumni meeting?
A. Go to reflect on your own goals, be accountable, receive and give support, obtain feedback, and find collaborations.

Q. The New Year is a time for people to set goals. What advice can you give to people that wish to set attainable goals? What action steps should they take?
A. The best way to set goals is to first envision them. What do you love doing? What comes effortlessly to you? What is your ideal match of collaborators and projects? Then, during the workshop, we will cover the action steps to take to achieve them. Even if you have already envisioned your goals in the past, do the process again and think bigger. Stretch yourself.

Q. Jim, what are you reading these days?
A. The Success Principles by Jake Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Q. What is one of your personal goals for 2013?
A. I’m accomplishing it now; to give away my coaching without expecting anything in return.


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