The Definition of Energy

Seth HoffScott Lowe, Caroline H. Newhouse Grant Recipient

I started dancing quite late (19), and sidestepped a more traditional career path, prepared by a very expensive engineering degree at Stanford, in order to dance. I have been immensely grateful that I had the impulsive courage to make that decision. Renewable energy had been my passion until I confronted fate and took the chance to be a dancer. While I did not have a clear idea of what a stage career would lead to, I have happily pursued a transition inspired by the humanistic focus of my performing career. The travel involved in touring shaped my perspective on the contributions I can make with my next career, and one year ago, I began applying to MBA programs with the intention of re-engaging my passion for renewable energy with an international focus. Touring as a dancer in Brazil was extremely challenging, but in the end, it showed me the possibility of truly revolutionary leaps in renewable energy. I hope to work in Latin America in this sector, coalescing the cultural and technical skills I developed in the complementary environments of science and art.

Seth Hoff

In the meantime, I was accepted to a prestigious program, ESADE, in Barcelona, Spain, which has distinguished opportunities to work on renewable energy projects.  The story of my journey as a dancer, including my articulation of the freelance artist as individual entrepreneur, was the basis for my application. Indeed, leveraging the skills endemic to a dance career—negotiation, working in close groups, creating opportunities when you can find none—will be a strength as I take my next career journey.


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