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A Hip-Hop Perspective: The Music Video

Anthony Rue II, CTFD dancer-client

Wouldn’t it be cool if Choreographers had their names listed in music videos?

I believe music videos played a huge role in bringing hip-hop to dance studios. It was hard to find a good hip-hop dance class during the 90’s and smaller studios did not offer the style at all. The music video era of dance changed everything. It sparked the minds of dancers and gave them another goal to reach beyond performance. Fans fell in love with the dancers performing beside their favorite artists.

Aaliyah's Rock The Boat
Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat, Choreography by Fatima Robinson

The same effect consumed the next generation of dancers.  The impact dance has on a music video will never go unnoticed. People love to watch dance. Dance helped some of the biggest music videos raise to a superstar status. Can you imagine Michael Jackson’s Thriller without dance? Choreography from that music video is still performed over two decades later but we do not see Choreographer Michael Peter’s name mentioned.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Choreography by Michael Peter

Perhaps in the future we will see choreographers’ names credited on music videos.  This change would help dancers research what styles they love and consider choreography as a career choice after performance. This listing would also promote the choreographer to the consumers and people could follow their work like film directors. Everyone would love to see their name attached to the work they choreographed.

When I started working with Laurie Ann Gibson I was shocked. This woman choreographed so many videos I was in love with! I was very lucky to have her as a mentor early in my career.  I learned so much from her about performing, music videos and the work that other choreographers created. I believe this was very important for me.  I think it’s really important to know who is responsible for the work you enjoyed, and Enjoy.

Choreographer Darrin Henson
*NSYNC’s Choreographer Darrin Henson

by Anthony Rue II